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EZ Step Bathtub to Shower Conversion

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Installing a walk in shower may be a singular bathroom improvement decision or just one step in a more detailed remodeling process. But, no matter the case, installing it will mean several valuable advantages for you and the members of your family.

People make this change when they want to increase the safety level in their bathroom, knowing that especially for older folks this change would provide them an easier access to the bathing area. Others simply want to make their bathrooms to look more modern, offering them the possibility of enjoying a spa in their privacy of their own homes. People decide to install walk in showers when they intend to sell their home as well, knowing the fact that a modern looking, refreshed and remodeled bathroom will add considerably to the selling value of the house.

ez step bathtub to showerThe EZ Step Bathtub to Shower Conversion kit was created to help you quickly benefit from a walk in shower and, in the same time, will help you save a lot of money. Specialists say that the price paid for this kit is usually up to 60% smaller when compared to prices people pay for making this change in their bathrooms.

Even if you bathroom is a smaller one, you should not give up the thoughts you may have related to increasing the comfort and the general aspect. Reality has demonstrated that even the smaller bathrooms can be modernized and made to look comfortable and modern. No matter the size of your bathroom, you can decide to change you tub into a walk in shower. This will add safety, relaxation and comfort to everyone in the house that plans to use the bathroom.

When you have the time to speak to a professional, the situation will become even easier as you will be offered all sorts of variants and possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of doing some of the desired changes. The EZ Step tub to shower conversion can be easily used in the smallest of the bathrooms and the very good news is that installing the walk in shower with its help will last only one day. You can start using your new walk in shower after just another one day.

Well, a walk in shower means adding or increasing the safety level in your bathroom. A lot of accidents, some of them severe, happen when people, no matter their age, step over the bathtub on a slippery surface. This aspect becomes a real problem when you have older people living in your house. As their flexibility and mobility have decreased over the years, having a bath might seem like a real risky adventure to them.

It is known that older people grow much attached to their houses and the things they have gathered all their life and for this reason some of them might resist the idea of making big changes in their bathroom, despite the fact that this sort of change will considerably increase their own safety while using the bathroom. The EZ Tub to shower conversion kit will require no major changes in the bathroom. You will not have to change tiles and fixtures or anything else in the bathroom if you do not want to. You can keep everything in its place and still benefit from the walk in shower.

A walk in shower is easy to clean. You may not need shower curtains that are all the times wet and gather mold and mildew. When you begin the changes in your bathroom, you can always replace the old tiles with new ones or even with glass which is easier to maintain clean. it is a lot easier to simply step in the walk in shower and completely clean it from top to bottom.

Changing your bathtub into a walk in shower can be done in a lot of different ways and this is why the advice of a professional is so important. He is able to offer you all the information that will help you make the best decision related to you future walk in shower. You will be able to install all sorts of things, like shelves where you should keep different bath products, a chair to sit on, a sliding entry door and many other similar things. The EZ Tub to shower conversion kit comes also with some options you can choose from. Among them:  matching granite upgrades, grab bars, shower seats, shower door upgrade.

Another advantage is related to the increased selling value your house will have once you have rearranged and modernized the bathroom. Converting your bathtub into a walk in shower is a lot cheaper that removing the bath in order to install a larger shower.

Once you have a walk in shower installed in the house you will benefit from it a lot as it will provide the relaxation and unwinding that are usually so necessary after an entire stressful workday.

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Forgotten Romanian Tourist Attractions

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Located at the intersection of many cultures, Romania has managed to keep its personality, which is greatly enjoyed by tourists coming here every year. Many of the tourists that come to Romania, land in Bucharest, the capital of the country, a big city where old and new architecture combine in a creative and astonishing way. Tourists love to visit the old neighborhoods, where the houses were built even in the eighteenth or nineteenth century, but at the same time, they like to let themselves charmed by the modern and neo classic buildings that Bucharest boasts with.

While in Bucharest, do not miss visiting the Old center of the city, where the ruins of the former royal court are prepared to receive visitors, and where terraces, pubs and restaurants promise to offer you lots of various culinary masterpieces. Also, Bucharest is a city that still has a vivid religious life and it will be a nice experience to participate on Sunday morning at the religious services held in some of the oldest Romanian churches. The museums are many, and so are the clubs and the places to go and spend your nights.

Romania means also visiting the Bran / Dracula Castle, located in Bran, in the very center of the country. While it is true that the distance to Bucharest is of about 110 miles, several specialized companies offer affordable car renting options. The Dracula castle was firstly mentioned in 1377, in a document written by Ludovic I D’Anjou, a document that provided certain privileges to the people living in Brasov.

The Bran castle is visited every year by thousands of tourists looking for mystery and horror stories, as the place is considered to be the very home of Vlad the Impaler, known also as Dracula. The medieval castle is opened for visitors all year long and is providing a wonderful step back in time for people that enter it.

Right in the Bucegi Mountains, you can visit the Peles Castle and the Pelisor Castle. Peles castle is a very important historical place, the resting place of several rulers of the country. Architect Wilhelm Doderer coordinated the building of the castle, operation that started in 1873. During the war, between 1877 -1879 work at the construction was interrupted. The castle was officially opened in 1883. Pelisor is a lot smaller, being a castle located close to Peles which was built between 1896 and 1914.

Corvin castle, located close to Hunedoara is considered to be one of the most impressive castles in Europe. It was built in the 13th century, on the edge of a huge rock. The Corvin family owned the castle for many years. It was fortified and restored by Iancu de Hunedoara, a ruler that gained fame due to the battles against the ottomans.

romanian tourist attractionsRomania boasts also with the Danube Delta, located at the very point where the huge Danube meets the Black Sea. It is the place where over 300 bird species can be admired, as well as 160 species of fish and 1200 types of plants. Large areas of the Delta are considered Natural reservations by the Romanian authorities. Diverse accommodation possibilities can be easily found in the Danube Delta, thus offering tourists the nice experience of spending several days in the company of birds, water and fishermen.

Sibiu was chosen to be the cultural capital of Europe back in 2007, and since then it continuously attracts the attention of many tourists. The city is one of the most important ones in the entire country and will provide the opportunity of admiring old architectural masterpieces, as well as the chance of visiting the Bruckental Museum, one of the most famous in the country.

In the North of Romania, tourists have the unique possibility of visiting the monasteries, the majority of them having already been included on UNESCO heritage lists. Some of the churches in the Bucovina region are made out of wood and several of them are still functional. Others, like Voronet, Agapia and Sucevita boast with a vivid religious life. Those are places where people along centuries have found inner peace and tranquility.

Romania has many to offer to the curious tourists, so make sure to set aside several days and plan a nice trip that will includes most of its tourist attractions on your itinerary.

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Louis Kraml on YouTube

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The You Tube channel of Louis Kraml, CEO at Bingham Memorial Hospital in Idaho is providing the Internet users a series of useful and interesting articles, medical news and several testimonials related to the continuously developing activity of the hospital he has been successfully managing for several years now.

Louis Kraml

Louis Kraml

The very first of the short movies that can be watched on Mr. Kraml’s YouTube channel will bring relief and hope for those of us that suffer from back pain. In a medical procedure that lasts for about 30 minutes, the problem is solved due to the knowledge, professional performance and the new technology that is available now in the hospital. Many people that suffered from this condition have already been treated. Doctors from Minnesota came to Bingham Memorial Hospital to teach doctors to do the surgery in a safe and rapid manner.

Mr. Kraml states that due to this new procedure, back pain and aches should no longer represent a problem to any of the Citizens living in eastern Idaho. The doctor in the movie you can watch on the You Tube channel of Louis Kraml offers also details regarding the actual procedure: cement is inserted into the damaged vertebra of the aching patient. The even better news is that doctors do not use general anesthesia on the operated patients. The patient is conscientious sedated, so he takes part in the medical procedure that lasts only half an hour.

Louis Kraml says that the surgery has showed to be a great success with older persons that have fallen from their beds or down the stairs, so they have some of their vertebras fractured. Since the surgery is not largely invasive, it reduces considerably the back pain that people suffer from. As the patients declare, the recovery after the medical intervention is short and people can get back to their normal lives in no time.

According to Louis Kraml, the new technology is already available at Bingham Memorial Hospital, so the patients can benefit from the great inventions that can ease and improve considerably their lives right now. As a consequence, more and more people can be treated, cured and sent back to their homes quickly.

Medtronic is the name of the company that has brought the training to the hospital administered by Louis Kraml. Most times, the doctors do not have the time to go around the world and attend all sorts of seminars and workshops, so this opportunity was warmly welcomed by all the doctors at Bingham Memorial Hospital. Due to Medtronic’s involvement, doctors and physicians have had the opportunity to learn about the new technologies and then start to practice it. In fact, the training session was open for doctors from all eastern Idaho.

The You Tube channel of Mr. Louis Kraml is also offering the possibility of watching a short movie in which dr. Julia McGee is presenting several tips for people that suffer from dry skin problems. As the weather in Idaho is generally dry, this has an impact on people’s skin as well.

As the doctor will reveal unto us, the first step would be to take a warm bath, not a hot one. Why? Because hot water is drying the skin. Then, it is important to use a mild soap that has no dyes and fragrances, which are sometimes responsible for drying the skin. Do not scrub your skin every time you are in the shower, as this way the healthy and needed oil of your skin will simply be removed.

When you step out of the shower, pat dry instead of strongly rubbing your skin, and then gently apply some moisturizing product on your skin, while it is still damp. Creams are oil based and thus will add oil to the skin.

According to the Mr. Kraml, if you have cracked hands try and avoid contact with any chemicals. When you need to clean the house or if your job requires you to handle such substances, wear a pair of gloves just to protect yourself.

The majority of detergents have chemicals and preservatives in them, and they negatively impact your skin. A good, wise option would be to get detergents that are free of those, says dr. Julia McGee from Bingham Memorial Hospital, Idaho in one of the movies uploaded on the official Louis Kraml You Tube channel. A visit at the dermatologist would be necessary if, even though you do follow all these pieces of advice, you still experience red skin, cracks, crusts and pain associated to your dry skin.

Another short movie on the Louis Kraml You Tube channel discusses skin cancer prevention. Due to the high rate of skin cancer in Idaho, a special attention is given to prevention. The high altitude makes the UV rays much more powerful, and thus they have a more negative impact on people’s skin. It is true that many people love to be active, spending a lot of time outside, in the sun.

The first step in skin cancer prevention would be to wear a sun block with a SPF factor of at least 30, if not higher. The sun block should contain Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide, which are UV blockers that will actually defend the skin. In addition to this, examine your skin at least once a month and notice any changes that could appear. Look for any asymmetry of any recent mole that has appeared on your skin, the possible irregular border, the color, diameter and evolution in time. These are important factors that need to be carefully observed in order to prevent skin cancer.

Another short interesting video material that can be watched on Louis Kraml’s You Tube channel is related to sport injuries prevention and is presented by athletic trainer Blair Rhodehouse from Bingham Memorial Hospital. If you practice any sports, wearing fit sport equipment is essential. Then it is very important to properly follow a warm up session, as well as a cool down session. Muscles should be properly warmed up, in order to sustain the sport activity that you intend to perform.

Careful attention should be given also to cooling down, a short period of time when you let your body relax and calm down after the sport session. Any minor problem that you encounter should be examined by an athletic trainer, so that it does not evolve into something that will require a more detailed and long treatment. Mr. Kraml announces that the Bumps and Bruises Clinic is open and functional at Bingham Memorial Hospital every Saturday.

Bingham Memorial Hospital is the fifth largest employer in Bingham County, in Idaho, a wonderful hospital that is serving more than 110,000 patients every year. During the last 14 years, as Mr. Louis Kraml, CEO of Bingham Memorial Hospital states, the hospital has purchased new technology and has hired the best doctors that could be found. Five years ago the hospital became a 501(c)3 organization and the hospital was also designated to be a critical access hospital as well.

What is indeed tremendous is the fact that all profits are reinvested in the hospital, and so patients the coming every day benefit from higher and higher quality medical services.

The fifth of the movies uploaded on the Louis Kraml Channel presents the numerous advantages working as a doctor at Bingham Memorial Hospital provides. Mr. Kraml is currently running a doctor hiring campaign, so if you are a doctor you should check it now. Here is the link to the official Louis Kraml YouTube channel:


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